Old Boots by Grace Gibson: A Satisfying Romp in Darcy's Headspace - Excerpt + Giveaway

I would like to welcome Grace Gibson to share her latest book, Old Boots . It is a diverting follow-up to the wildly popular and thoroughly entertaining, Silver Buckles.

Before I pass the reigns over to Grace, I thought I'd share a few thoughts on the book. Like Silver Buckles, which is told from Elizabeth's point of view, Old Boots is a first person narrative though this time, from Mr. Darcy's perspective. 

I tend to either love or hate the variations I've read that are told from Mr. Darcy's point of view. You might ask why? The ones I dislike typically present an exaggeratedly snobbish, emotionless, or downright dull Darcy. This is not an issue with Old Boots. Darcy is true to character (at least the way I think of him) but also imminently likeable. At the same time, he is fastidious, conflicted, and intelligent. In this variation, it seems many of his defenses are lowered from the start.  

In Old Boots, Darcy's relationships with and opinions of the Bennet family are completely different than cannon. He is strangely draw to the family and curious about their history. The plot is compelling and original. Another thing I enjoyed about the book was the additional of a new primary character (of the canine variety, no less). I would be remiss to not share the book blurb to further reel you in...

Some form of devilry has come over Mr. Darcy. 

Since his father's death, Fitzwilliam Darcy has endeavored to be reliable, responsible, and restrained. But upon visiting Netherfield Park in Hertfordshire, he finds himself weary of the struggle to be so damnably well regulated and delights in a revival of the carefree mischief that characterized his younger days. 

What brings on this sudden reversal? Perhaps it is a shocking incident that takes place upon his first entering the neighborhood when he rescues Miss Elizabeth Bennet from  the raging current of a rain-swollen stream. The so-called "lady" does not prefer to be rescued, and Darcy's subsequent dunking, rather than resulting in the gratitude that is his due, is met with her confounding resentment of his interference.

This take of Darcy's entanglement with the mysteriously grief-stricken Bennet family is interwoven with a love story--a most delicious exchange of looks, barbs, pranks, and innuendos as Miss Elizabeth, the "lightening of Longbourn" regularly singes, frustrates, and humbles the man from Derbyshire.

Without further ado, I would like to pass the reigns to Grace. Welcome to the Jane Austen State of Mind blog.

Hi Paige! I am so happy to be featured on your beautiful blog today! I have to confess that the main reason I write Pride and Prejudice variations is so that I can eavesdrop on Darcy and Elizabeth as they poke at each other in conversation. Being impatient, I sometimes help this storied couple get over their prejudicial feelings soon than later so that they can get down to some serious flirting.

By far the best place I have found for these provocative encounters is on the dance floor. In Pride and Prejudice, the Netherfield Ball is the scene of a famous argument between Darcy and Elizabeth. But in this story, a pair of old boots cause the gentleman to come down a few notches by the time the ball rolls around. Here is an excerpt which takes place at Mr. Bingley's ball:

At least I could put my hand out to Miss Elizabeth. She looked at my gold waistcoat, velvet coat, sapphire pin, and swept her eyes down my shining satin knew breeches, silk stockings, and to my gleaming black shoes. 

D: "By all means, scoff if you will."

E: "I would not dare. But I will say, it was perhaps unkind of you to outshine your hostess."

D: "Did I? I did not mean to."

E: "She was shown completely into the shade. No lady in the room could make out the elegant details of Miss Bingley's dress, such was the glare of her partner. I could not, even now, tell you what color she is wearing."

D: "Were you indeed mesmerized by my ensemble?

For the sole sake of being droll, I pronounced the word in French. Miss Elizabeth eyed me appreciatively. 

E: "Other ladies certainly were, but I was not. I was dancing with a young officer who blushed every time he spoke to me. Perhaps he is the reason I did not pay proper attention to Miss Bingley."

D: "You are rather desperate if you must gloat over disconcerting a mere youth."

E: "Do you infer that if I were to disconcert you, Mr. Darcy, I would have good cause to gloat?"

Ah, these two...! Thank you again for having me, and enjoy a lovely summer everyone!

~About the Author~

In addition to mosaic art, which I create a Studio Luminaria, my home-based glass shop in El Paso, Texas, I enjoy writing regency romance and Pride and Prejudice variations for pleasure.

Contact Info: Facebook

Links to purchase Grace's books:

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As part of the Old Boots blog tour, Meryton Press is giving away 6 eBook copies of Old Boots!! Use the Rafflecopter link below to enter into the drawing. Best of luck to you!



  1. Now that's good banter. You can feel the tension mount and it bodes well for their attraction. Good going, Grace! I hope you enjoyed your blog tour as much as I have!

    1. What a lovely compliment, Suzan! This blog tour has been a breeze thanks to the hard work of the bloggers and our own JT. I am feeling very blessed! Thank you as always for your support and encouragement - truly grateful.

  2. This looks fun, and I loved Silver Buckles. Thank you for the quick excerpt!

    1. Hi Robin! I am so thrilled to hear you liked Silver Buckles - thank you! Good luck on the giveaway and thank you for stopping by today.

  3. Love this excerpt! I can see why you are taken with this variation, Paige!

    And Grace, congratulations! I have heard such great things about this and all your works. I love your motivation for writing JAFF: to eavesdrop on Elizabeth and Darcy! That clearly shows in your great dialogue here.

    Have fun with this release, Grace, and Paige, always glad to read your take on the latest books!

    1. Hi Christina! Such a pleasure to hear from you - I truly appreciate your encouragement and best wishes. Thank you for stopping today!

  4. Thank you for being part of this blog tour, Paige. It is great to visit your blog. I also enjoyed reading your thoughts on Old Boots. Grace, I loved the excerpt! The banter between Darcy and Lizzy is full of sparks! I think it may be time for a reread of Old Boots! :)

    1. Thanks again for everything, Janet! You are the best cheerleader in the world!

  5. I truly appreciate your insights and feedback, Paige - and thank you again for hosting on this beautiful blog. Best wishes for a summer of engaging reads!

  6. Love the excerpt... love these exchanges between our couple.

  7. Lovely excerpt, Grace! Many congratulations on your very successful book release and blog tour! :)


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