Three Avid JAFF Readers (Unabashed Fans of Christina Morland) Review her latest novel, The Year In Between + Giveaway!!

Late last month, my friend Gina authored a  guest post  that featured an interview with author Christina Morland about her latest novel, "The Year In Between." Gina is one of the two fellow readers who, along with Wendy, I consider my "JAFF Soul Sisters." We met through the Austen Readers Facebook page and found common ground in our love for Christina Morland's novel "Seasons of Waiting." We began talking regularly through the Facebook messenger app and found that our individual tastes in JAFF (typically high angst P&P variations) are very similar though different enough to expand each other's horizons. This past summer, we were lucky enough to get to Zoom with Christina to discuss Seasons of Waiting. During that meeting, she told us about "The Year In Between" (from here on out referred to as TYIB) which was then a work in progress. We were chomping at the proverbial bit to read it, and Gina often checked in with Christina to check o

Heather Moll's Latest Book, Nine Ladies, is a Timely Page Turner! + Giveaway

I jumped at the opportunity to read and review Heather Moll's newest novel, Nine Ladies.  because I really enjoyed two of her previously books including Two More Days at Netherfield  and His Choice of a Wife . I had no idea what the book was about and just assumed the title was literal, but boy was I wrong! I later realized that the opportunity to read this book could not have come at a better time for me.  I work in the public school system and was lucky to have a long Winter Break. During that time, I began listening to the Outlander audiobooks as well as watching the series on Netflix. The Outlander books are very long (anywhere between 800 to 1100 pages), and there are eight of them. I'm currently on book four. Like Outlander,  Nine Ladies  follows a woman from the future (Elizabeth Bennet) as she unwittingly finds herself touring the ancient stone circle on Stanton Moor in Derbyshire that is referred to as the Nine Ladies. It just so happens to be on the Vernal Equinox. Th

Guest Blog: An Interview with Christina Morland About Her Love of Austen, Writing, & Latest Novel, The Year In Between

My friendship with two fellow JAFF lovers was one inspiration for the Jane Austen State of Mind blog. Through commenting on posts to the Facebook page, Austen Readers, the three of us realized we shared one huge thing in common--our love for the book Seasons of Waiting by Christina Morland. This realization subsequently sparked a friendship between us that has been a real bright spot in the craziness of the past year. Gina, Wendy, and I communicate almost daily through Facebook messenger and have gotten to know each other quite well. In addition to  Seasons of Waiting (which we call SOW for short), we love all of Christina Morland's books! We re-read A Remedy Against Sin awhile back, and next we're planning a re-read/study of her other great novel, This Disconcerting Happiness . We truly believe Christina's work is on a different level than most JAFF--even those books by our other favorite authors. That's why we jumped headlong into her newest novel, The Year In Betw