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Giveaway + Review of Noelle Chesney's Debut Novel, "All That This Entails"

After seeing the book cover reveal on one of my favorite JAFF blogs and reading the summary blurb, I was excited to get my hands on author Noelle Chesney's debut novel, "All That This Entails." In support of the relatively recent launch of the Jane Austen State of Mind blog and Facebook page, our friends and Quills & Quartos publishing provided me with an advanced review copy of this lovely book in exchange for an honest review. Its release date is Monday, December 14 and available through  Amazon . I need to provide a little context.  I almost exclusively read JAFF via Kindle. On a whim, I chose a hard copy book in lieu of an eBook just to change things up a bit. I'm so glad I did! This change of pace only added to my reading experience. The pic on the right is evidence of just that--the view of the book as I lazily read in bed, book light shining, snug as a bug in a rug under my blue fleece blanket.  The pace and flow of this book was such that I did not feel co

Interview & Giveaway: Jayne Bamber's Latest Gothic Mash-Up, "NorthFanger"

After sharing a couple of non-JAFF/Austenesque posts, I'm back with another fun author interview and book preview. I've not yet read the entire book but am looking forward to sinking my teeth into it...pun intended. This book is quite a departure from my preferred JAFF--namely, super emotional, angsty Pride and Prejudice variations (preferably with Mr. Darcy on his knees begging or otherwise in heartsick agony). A change of pace is long overdue, and I've needed to branch out a bit. Sadly, I've also been struck with a bit of ennui from some of the recent new releases I've read.  I recently re-listened to my Northanger Abbey audiobook to get into the spirit. It's chock full of humor but just so different from Jane Austen's other novels. That's where Austenesque author Jayne Bamber's newest novel,  NorthFanger changes it up. Described as, "a campy, vampy fusion of Pride & Prejudice with Northanger Abbey," NorthFanger is a book that doesn&

Winners of The Mistress of All Giveaway!!

 Three winners were chosen from those who commented on my posts about Lory Lilian's newest book, "The Mistress of All." Lory was gracious enough to offer two eBooks, and I am offering an additional piece of my handmade Jane Austen-inspired jewelry. Winners will be able to choose which prize they'd like in the order that they respond to this announcement. Without further ado... 1) Gail M. Frisby 2) Sarah P 3) elizabeth To claim your prize, respond to the comment left for you on the blog post or send a private message through the Jane Austen State of Mind Facebook page.